About us


Bassam Shakir & Partner Ltd. Co. was established in the late nineties of the last century and has gradually expanded its business to include residential, commercial, service, leisure, hotels and other sectors, which we are honored to implement for our clients all over the Kingdom.
The company has been steadily moving towards success and excellence for nearly two decades with its commitment to implementing high quality standards based on qualified staff, based on meeting commitments and exceeding expectations with the desired balance between quality, cost and time.


We strive to achieve our vision while adhering to our values by meeting the needs and requirements of the Saudi market in particular and the Arab market in general, with the constant commitment to apply high quality standards, improve management skills, control risks, meet commitments, exceed expectations and create high value for our customers.


Because we are part of our beloved Kingdom, we aspire to have a permanent positive imprint in the process of development taking place in all the aspects of life and society.


Teamwork, mutual trust, respect, credibility, transparency and flexibility are keys to success in our dealings with all stakeholders  )employees, suppliers, customers and partners). Their success is our success.