Beat egg whites slightly and brush over plums, sprinkle two tablespoons of flour over egg whites. thanks for your reply. Such recipe collections are important parts of family traditions, but also of broader cultural traditions. The most popular US bread crumbs available in the grocery stores have herbs and other ingredients that are not suitable for baking sweet desserts. This Transylvanian recipe is easy to make and delicious. The only way to tell if they are done is to test one or through experience. of Vinegar and stir. 2. She would then make coffee and serve desserts with it. Learn in this video how to make a plum pie from scratch by using a tasty and easy homemade plum cake recipe with a double crust! Thank you for visiting! I am a self taught cook and a trained Pastry Chef. Pear plum pie recipe. Pour plum mixture into the prepared pastry-lined pie plate. I am sure the Siebenbürger have made a great job combining recipes ranging from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and Germany they have collected along the way.However, no-one in Germany would associate a Pflaumenstreusel with anything other than Saxony. Using a piece of wax paper to prevent the dough from sticking to the hands, press onto the bottom and sides of a greased 13 x 9 inch baking dish. Use an 8x8 inch pan. My co-worker received a German Plum Cake for her birthday, and we gobbled it right up. I think that old recipes are teaching us about old times, they provide a window into everyday life long ago. Also, my recipe is not called Saxon plumcake, it is called German Plum Kuchen, and I only specified that it is traditional to the Saxon cuisine of Transylvania. Sprinkle powder sugar on top if you prefer. Those plums… It is absolutely addictive, and despite all the sugar, does not taste overly sweet. You will need 2 cups of flour, as 1 cup is usually about 4.4 oz or 120g. Roll and line a 9-inch pie plate with half of the pastry. She did not add almond extract (nor did she add vanilla). They are a Saxon tradition on not only plumcake, but also apple and traditional Saxon Butterstreuselkuchen. Wash, dry, halve lengthwise, and stone the plums. This German recipe is traditional from Transylvania and it is easy to make and delicious. 1 tsp salt Anyway, I was wondering why the total time to make this cake says 1 hour when there is a required resting time of 1 hour in addition to the total time. Anything else, is not a 'Dresdener Christstollen', it wouldn't be a 'Dresdener Christstollen if it was made in Siebenbürgen, as the name and recipe is actually protected by law. Add 1 Tbsp. Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Sieve the flour together with the baking powder and sugar. And yes, the comments, I know...:-). Top this deep pink pie filling with a lattice crust made of buttery sweet shortcrust pastry for a showstopping end to a special meal 1 hr and 40 mins . To make this recipe, I recommend the Italian plums for a more traditional taste. Posted: (2 days ago) A German Plum Cake recipe, aka Pflaumenkuchen or Zwetschgenkuchen, is one of the most requested recipes. Thank you! 4. Let the pan cool, then cut the bars in squares and serve. – Then add remaining sugar, mix well, place again in oven and let it cook for 60 min, don’t mix again. Shares. It is traditionally made with seasonal Italian prune plums that come on in Germany each summer. 4 cups flour You can enjoy your German plum pie! Combine tapioca, sugar, salt, cinnamon, and plums in a large bowl. This German Plum Cake is a very tasty cake with a name which is impossible to pronounce. 1 cup sugar While it might be quite similar to the recipe you know, my recipe comes from Transylvania and it was made by my Saxon grandmother. 3. Finally it is plum time! It says 2 cups or 8 oz, but 8 oz is only one cup. Beat the egg and milk together. Put the plums into a casserole and add the 300g of sugar. The recipe comes from Transylvania and it is specific to the Saxon(German) cuisine. Total. Jun 28, 2020 - Explore Debby hutchinson's board "German plum cake", followed by 1420 people on Pinterest. Work the cold butter into the mixture until it looks like bread crumbs. She taught me how to make a delicious plum jam and an upside-down plum pie.Today I’d like to share the recipe with you. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). Sprinkle them with the crumbs and bake for 40-45 mins. Sometimes you can also learn about their social lives, because handwritten recipes frequently include the name of the person from whom the writer got the recipe. Bake at 375 degrees F for 40 minutes. 1 tsp vanilla This stone fruit has soft, sweet juicy flesh that tastes delicious in jams, chutneys, puddings and crumble. It's so quick to make with "Quark-Öl" dough. Interested in more dessert bars? Bake. They tell us stories of a vanished world and connect us to our past and our roots. Add the eggs and mix again. This year, I decided to make a German plum cake recipe and it’s going to be a new tradition at our house! Also, my recipe is not called Saxon plumcake, it is called German Plum Kuchen, and I only specified that it is traditional to the Saxon cuisine of Transylvania. I made the correction on the time, it was a technical glitch in the recipe card. Here you have the link for more recipes. 30 mins. There is no claim in my article that this recipe comes from Saxony, Germany, or that it is a traditional dessert in your country. 50 mins. //