Cake in Icelandic is ”kaka” but it is an ”older sister” in Bulgarian. Watch your language abroad: If you use any of these 15 words, people might think you’re a bit rude, or worse! When is Spain, “largo” means ”long” but it means ”wide” in Portuguese. by Anuanua » 21 Aug 2011 10:09, Return to “Dans toutes les langues - In all languages”, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. Happy Birthday to you! Like Italian and French, Spanish is a romance language. They are basically words that look similar but have a different meaning in the two given languages, although they might have a common historical linguistic origin. The English word “angel” means a supernatural being often represented with wings. ↳   Dans toutes les langues - In all languages. Translation:Not my circus, not my monkeys. The French however call a ”tuxedo,” which is a semi-formal evening suit, ”smoking.”, “Horny” is an English term that is mostly associated to feelings of being aroused or turned on. It is because the needs of human communication are so various and so multifarious that the study of meaning is probably the most difficult and baffling part of … The term ”schlimm” sounds like ”slim” in English. Saying “I love you” in another language can be a sweet way to show your affection. In this article, we tell you how to say beautiful in different languages. “No” is ”yes” in Czech (a shortened version of “ano.” “La” is ”no” in Arabic. In English and in German, the word ”dick” is derogatory. I te rahiraa o te taime, mea pāpū aè te reo ia taì mai i te mafatu, e mea haavarevare roa atoā rä o ia. But the speakers of Basque use the term to mean ”flame.”. more_vert. They belong to different language families and their origins date back…, Well ladies and gentlemen, our poll to find the world’s sexiest language has finally come to a close. I also talk about some common Spanish/English cognates. It is the instrument of choice for some of the famous artists such as Joseph Alessi, J.J. Johnson, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Frank Rosolino. For example, my name – Maya – means “water” in a few languages, but means allusion in another language. Saying dream in Middle-Eastern Languages . Here I’m sharing how to express beauty in 15 languages, so you can impress your love (or child, or mom, or pet…) with the perfect word to capture the moment! Also 'smell' means impact. European languages love the word fart, but not in the same exact way as English speakers. ”Fast” in German means almost, while ”elf” means the number eleven. But in Thailand, it’s used to denote laughter. Categories: General What does ... Look at these words in all languages: different, dissimilar, differing. Eagle is a soaring bird. So when you’re in Sweden, you’ll see signs such as ”slutspurt” that means a final sale or ”slutstation” when you’ve reached a train line’s end. English speakers who love to travel should take time to learn the culture and read about the quirks and characteristics of the main language spoken in their destination. Grandma: Nani (maternal), Dadi (paternal) Grandpa: Nana (maternal), Dada (paternal) “In … The English word 'fart' means speed in Norwegian. But for the Portuguese, an ”oficina” is only a ”workshop,” such as a mechanic’s shop. “Home” is where you live, but it means ”mold” in Finnish and ”man” in Catalan. You Better be Aware of These 7 Details, The Top Ten Sexiest Languages in the World, 13 Things You Need to Know About Dating a Latino. There is an English term called a ”smoking jacket” which is a mid-length jacket for men that is often made of quilted satin or velvet. Angel in German translates to ”fishing rod” and ”sting” in Dutch. If you’re an urbanite, it is difficult to enjoy fresh air unless you go to the countryside. Categories: General Please find below many ways to say dream in different languages. How to Kick off your Career as a Professional Interpreter, The Importance Of Multilingual Email Marketing, 9 Famous Companies That Are Reducing Their Carbon Footprint, In English “to use the voice,” means to say something “aloud.” In Dutch, aloud means “ancient”. India. Learn about 15 other common words that used to have totally different meanings. Learn all about body language and discover 10 ways that people from around the world express themselves... without ever opening their mouths! You’ll see this beauty in many of its terms of endearment. It would be so wonderful if we knew how to express the word ‘beautiful’ in the language spoken in a particular part of the world. You’re likely to say ”prego” when you’re in Italy instead of the usual ”thank you” but it means something very mundane in Portuguese. What are the Highest Paying Translation Languages in the World? Ensure that your English documents are translated accurately in different languages by getting in touch with a translator from Day Translations, Inc. Our translators are not only native speakers; they are also subject matter experts. The Spanish term for frog is “rana,” but rana means, ”wound” in Romanian and Bulgarian. How to Say World in Different Languages. “Barf” means ”snow” in Urdu, Hindi and Farsi. Meaning:Not my problem. So what…, Are you dating a Latino? Besoin d'une traduction dans toutes les langues possibles ? On the other hand the English word ”bat” refers to a flying mammal or a club used to hit a ball. Idiom: Nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy. 8. But for the Swedish, this means ”finished” or the ”end,” something that you’d say when you want your relationship with your Swedish boyfriend or girlfriend is over. We’re not even talking about individual…, Currently, about 7,000 languages are spoken around the world. Example Here you will find tens of thousands of words and expressions along with their translations into dozens of foreign languages. This is the translation of the word "world" to over 100 other languages. Besoin d'une traduction dans toutes les langues possibles ? In the Sebwano and Waray languages, babá refers to the action of sitting on another person's shoulders. But in Romanian, the carp is called ”crap.” Hmm…. French De plus, les normes diffèrent selon qu'elles sont officielles ou commerciales. The English word ”gift” means ”poison” in German and Norwegian and ”married” in Swedish. Saying I Love You in Different Languages. Image Copyright: almoond / 123RF Stock Photo. Here's how to say hello in different languages of the world — 21 of them, to be exact. In South Korea, it is their national currency. In French, though, ”pet” is the translation of ”fart” (yes, the foul-smelling variety). Every conversation, formal or informal, starts with a greeting. Researching different and slick name for "Water" or "Fresh Water" derived from other languages. What Are The Most Important Languages of The 21st Century? Learn this simple phrase in a language other than the one you typically use to show your loved one that they are special. We adore different cultures from around the world – all the greetings, festivals, traditions, music and languages. In South Korea, tapas-like appetizers are called ”anju.”, In Portuguese, the word ”peidei” that sounds like ”payday” means, ”I farted.”, Salsa is a wonderful, graceful and thrilling dance style, but in South Korea, when you hear the word ”seolsa,” which sounds like ”salsa” it refers to ”diarrhea.”, Speaking of diarrhea, in Japanese, the term they use is ”geri,” which sounds like the name ”Gary.”, ”Dai,” an Italian word, is pronounced like the English word ”die.” The literal translation of this is ”from” but it is colloquially used by the Italians to mean, ”Come on!”. Languages that are very different, such as Chinese and English, have fewer cognates. Some of these words are known as false friends, and are either spelled or pronounced the same as words in other languages, but they can have very different meanings: they might be harmless in one language but quite insulting in another. Watercress is a salad green that is called ”berros” in Spanish. English words for différent include different, separate, unlike, various, another, dissimilar, diverse, several, variant and mixed. Informative article, exactly what I wanted to find. Frequently a different meaning was given to a set of facts to avoid an acknowledgement of racism. But be careful when you say the word while in France, as this means ”condom” for the French. Categories: Peoples and Countries Please find below many ways to say world in different languages. [email protected]   Call Us 1-800-969-6853. “Glass” is something shiny, hard and brittle in English, but it turns to soft, cold, sweet and gooey ”ice cream” when you’re in Sweden. So, in the interests of knowledge, I’m putting my personal pain aside to find those perfect words in different languages that sum up emotions and situations. In the Netherlands, this stands for being smart or successful. Language definition: A language is a system of communication which consists of a set of sounds and written... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples You might recognize the phrase 555 as the beginning of a fictitious phone number from a movie or television show. In Polish, they use the term it indicate “a single woman.”. English speakers understand that ”slut” is a derogatory word. Languages are definitely fascinating and interesting, but there is enough reason to learn a few things about it to avoid a faux pas when you are in another country, because English words could mean differently. The Portuguese however has a very different meaning to berros. Saying dream in African Languages. The following two tables display all the word components you would need to count to a thousand in no less than 14 different languages. Speaking about language, each one of them has its own distinctive characteristic. You use the term ”chips” when you mean ”French fries” while the French use ”Crisps” when they say chips. The term ”cap” is the Romanian word for ”head.” We say ”door” when we mean the opening to gain access into a room or the panel that opens and closes an entrance. But in Russian, privet, which means ”greetings,” is informally used to say ”hello.”. The English term ”retard” could either mean delay or move slowly. In Different Languages, or IDL, is an online tool that shows you how to say words and phrases in more than 100 different languages. The gifts, the cake, the celebration… Birthdays are a joyful occasion, to be sure! The words may be similar due to them coming from the same language family or due to loan words. “Sugar” is something sweet and it’s a sweet term used by Romanians for a baby aged 0-12 months. In the Georgian language, the iPhone’s personal assistant software is a rude word for cock. Saying dream in Austronesian Languages… In Thai, the pronunciation of the number five sounds like Ha, so typing a series of 5’s is akin to typing Hahaha or LOL. In some cases they are ”false friends” meaning the words stand for something else from what you know. is not responsible for their content. To make the phrase something unique to you and your loved one, speaking or writing it in another language is a warm and touching gesture. différent translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'différé',différend',différemment',différentiel', examples, definition, conjugation And no, we’re not talking about a rooster. That means it has many terms that come from beautiful Latin words . In the Tagalog region and Pampanga, babà means chin. Babá can also mean the copulation of four-legged animals. You mean something not specific or whatever when y… Are you curious about how they say "Merry Christmas" around the world? For the Maranao people, babà is synonymous to kababaang-loob or humility. But there are plenty of... sound like English but stand for something different, Three of Hollywood’s Most Prolific Male Polyglots, Extinction of Languages: A Sad Reality the World Faces, Researchers use Twitter in Determining Modern Language Trends, The Minions’ language is a combination of French, Spanish, English… and food references. “Air” in Malay (sounds like a-yah), which is an official language in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei, it means ”water.” When you mean the ”air” you breathe, you use the word ”udara.”. You probably find the accent sexy, their sense of style appealing and the whole situation…, Are you interested in translation work? If you are in Wales, do not feel slighted when you hear a Welsh-speaking native say ”moron” while you’re in the market. Traditions for celebrations around the world always vary, but birthdays are one of the things that all people have in common, even if they speak different languages. In Spanish, ”gato” means ”cat” but ”gateux” is ”cake” in French. Let’s hope that some of the following become as popular as hygge! There are also words that are called semi-false cognates. It becomes more interesting... For a language to be considered extinct, it means that it is no longer spoken in everyday communications. You might think the gestures you grew up with are universal, but chances are, the innocent gesture you make at home means something very different in another country. In English “to use the voice,” means to say something “aloud.” In Dutch, aloud means “ancient” 2. “Fart” is a vulgar English word that means expelling intestinal gas. Finally, I talk about something called false friends. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Today I talk about using cognates to help you understand English. How to Say Dream in Different Languages. Saying world in African Languages. Yash Posts: 1 Joined: 19 Aug 2011 22:58. The True Meaning of “Thank You” In English, the phrase “thank you” has a long history rooted—along with the rest of the language, of course—in several different cultures. For the Dutch, ”bank” means cough. Learning about how different words function in different languages has always genuinely excited me. Différent Meaning and French to English Translation. Audiences are captivated by actors who have the amazing ability to portray characters onscreen very convincingly. Words can hurt other people if you are not careful. For example, English ward and guard (